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Evgeniy, Thanks. Great job. I will do you a worthy write up. I show WU as available. Pleas e let me know that you got it. Also, let's follow up on some of the corporate diligence opportunities we briefly discussed.Thank you so much. Your team's work has been nothing but excellent. I am glad you finally got paid, and I think you saw in what I sent you that it was Comerica, not WU that was holding things up. They had requested the KYC/AML type information on you guys..., so ultimately they just had to succumb. I am not sure that was the easiest path, but we managed in the end. This saga has not necessarily played out fully for me. I am still curious whether the "bait" in Ukraine is an innocent, a low-level co-conspirator, or a mid- or high-level co-conspirator. I think my closure on this will come when I have some sense of that. Could we for US$... or so figure this out? I know we know where once she frequented, the ... location, but that may be dated. Do you think we could track this person down and their circ mstances (which may be indicative of the position in the ring)? Please let me know. This for me is about ending the story, and getting a sense of completion, or at least a sense of having more complete knowledge of this ring. Regards,



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Criminal Records

We have an access to Russian criminal records, databases of motor licensing and inspection department (so called "GAI"), flat registration records, telephone databases, etc.  We can help you to find out the information such as:

- if a person was under criminal consequence;
- if a car is in stealing;
- name of the owner of the car on the basis of the car's number;
- name of the owner of the apartment;
- address of the apartment on the basis of the telephone number;

If you are interested in this service and want to order it, please, go to our order page.

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