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Thank you for the response, and confidentialy is assured.

As I suspected, your report was no surprise, and evidence was sufficient to prove that I was being scammed. It became to my attention after the third letter received from this person was not answering any of my previous letter questions.  Then to be asked for money for translation of the letters, raised my concerns to look into this matter, therefore did a quick search on the internet that brought me to the russian detective agency, whom responded quickly and effectively as stated by there website. Once again, thank you and I consider this matter closed.



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Identity Check

Situation #1. You was corresponding with your friend girl from Russia last 3 months. You sure, that your relationships became very close. And even possible she is expresses her hot feelings towards you.  You had bought a flight ticket for 800 $ USA from  Los Angeles to Moscow. You had spent a lot of time and forces before your trip to alien country. And at last you are in Moscow ! You came to the flat of your darling woman. But the door is opened by some old woman, who looks like she is 80 years old. Besides this woman tells you , that there is no your girl in this house and she never heard about your darling girl before. Or even there is no such address at all ! You are in shock.
Situation #2. Your woman asks you to send her some money for the flight ticket or for the treatment illness of her grandmother, etc. You have sent 1000 $ to her. Then you go to the airport but  nobody comes out  the plane, who would be similar to your girl. Your woman has not arrived and  disappeared at all. You have lost $1000, $2000, $5000...
Situation #3. You was corresponded with her for a long time, you even talked with she by phone. You overpass 7000 km in order to meet your beautiful lady in person. But instead a girl of your dream, who is on the photos, you look at an not young; not good-looking woman. The reason is obvious: simply your lady had sent very old photos to you, where she is 8 years ago.

In our work we do not relay on any doubtful or unreliable lists/data bases of "known scammers".
Often women can be entered in those lists wrongly. The general reasons are:
- offended gentlemen, who got the lady's rejection. The result can be opposite: a decent woman is blamed as a scammer.
- scam sites, who need more and more listed women in their data bases. This is a astonishing thing, however according to the amount of existing scam-sites and the amount of "members" in their bases it seems that whole Internet spends all time on doing dating scam.
- namesake with common used name (persons bearing the same surname as the lady).
- and even simple errors.

According to our experience before to blame somebody for scam or to justify it's necessary to fulfill the real independent investigation rather than to relay on unreliable sources.

Our agency wish you never to find yourself in such terrible situations. And we offer you to use our service of the identity check. We will find out if she is a real person, her real appearance, etc. We will send you all proofs: photos, documents, etc by E-mail or by usual slow mail.


Example #1. Standard plan:

Input data:

Output data:

  • Name: Olga
  • Born 22.07.1981
  • Place of birth:Odessa area.
  • First name:Olga
  • Patronymic name: Ivanovna
  • Last name: Zubenko
  • Place of birth: Maloe village, Izmail district, Odessa area.
  • Registered address: Mira street, buildin 17, flat 29. Izmail town. ZIP 12487. Odesa. Ukraine.

Example #2. Extended plan:

Input data:

Output data:

  • Name: Olga Kolotun
  • Age: 27 years.
  • Country:Ukraine.
  • First name:Olga
  • Patronymic name: Miroslavna
  • Last name: Belan.
  • Place of birth: Severodonetsk town, Lugansk region.
  • Registered address: Volnaya street, building 23, flat 5. Donetsk town. ZIP 23451. Ukraine.
  • Parents: father: Belan Miroslav Olegovich
  • Mother: Lidia Sergeevna.
  • Current address: Saltovskaya street, 81, korpus 2, flat 71. Kharkov city. ZIP 45782. Ukraine.
  • Phone number: +38 0572 457982.

Example #3: Identity check of a lady from a dating site.

Input data:

Output data:

  • First name: Oksana
  • Date birth: 21.08.1983.
  • Town: Novosibirsk, Russia.
  • Photo: attached


- is she real?
- her address;
- her phone;
- her real age and appearance

  • Full name: Oksana Semenovna Korostysheva.
  • City: Omsk.
  • Date birth: 12.03.1979.
  • Place of birth: Kursk , Russia
  • Registered address: Lenina street, building 12, korpus 2, flat 7. Omsk. Russia.
  • Parents:Father: Semen Olegovich Korostyshev; Mother: Rita Sergeevna Mukhina.
  • Other E-mails:
    ICQ: 4482843782.
  • Work place: a saler at the "Italian clothes", address: Mira street, 37, 25.
  • Photos: attached.

    She is a famous scammer.
    Here are the proofs: ...

If you are interested in this service, then now, please, go to our order page.

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