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Before to order our services you must read and accept our Privacy policy and Terms and conditions below.

Privacy, guarantees, terms.

1. We guard secrecy and confidentiality of the personal information you give to us. We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer the personal information of our customers to anyone unlike some other commercial service. 
We don't give this information to any other people. We keep it in the secrecy. Client information is kept 100% confidential. We never sell client information to third parties. All searches are confidential.

2. We demand the same condition from our clients. The client must keep all negotiations with us and the results of investigation in secrecy. We do not allow to involve any third parties in these processes.
The client (you) gives the guarantee to us to keep the confidentiality as well. You has addressed to the agency, that is specialized in private investigations on behalf of its client. Our direct duty is to guard the client against any information leakage. Therefore, the client has not to disclose both details and results of this private investigation to any third parties as well. The third parties can be:
the object, the object's relatives and friends, other investigators and our competitors, the staff of payment systems (card processors, banks, etc), the communication systems (phone companies, internet providers, post services), the members of client's family, the client's friends, other participants, who are related to the case, etc.
Otherwise it may  influence the information leakage. The preferable way of information exchange is through our Secure on-line form or by E-mail. If we have got evidences that details of the case were disclosed through the client's fault, we can stop any further work on this case or decline the case at all.

3. After ordering our services (during the investigation and in certain period after the investigation) our client engages and undertake for the terms:
 - do not contact the object and do not try to fulfill any parallel (simultaneous) investigation until our people will have finished with the work. Else it will make any further works impossible. All you have to do during the work is just to wait while our people are collecting the information. Any investigative process is not easy at all, therefore each thing has big importance. To make any mistakes is not acceptable.
 - do not inform the object about our investigative methods. Else the object will change the strategy and it will complicated the work very much or even make the work impossible at all.
 - the object should know neither of our company, nor about this investigation, nor about our methods, nor about your possible discovery.

3.1.  By accepting these terms the client concludes the contract with the Detective-Russia company. He/her guarantees proper fulfillment of the agreement's terms.

4. Guarantee. If we are unable to meet our engagements or to find the requested information for some reasons, then we undertake to refund the money to a customer. We always give to our customer as much as possible reliable search results. In many cases we can realize an additional investigation according to special agreement with a client.

4.1. The client realizes and agree, that due to specificity of investigative work a certain risk exists always.
We can not provide 100% guarantee of success in all cases. On behalf of the client we try to obtain maximum necessary information, so it is unreal to avoid all errors. However we can promise and guarantee to minimize the risk as much as possible (almost to 0%).
In the case of disclosure on unforeseeable consequences the client undertakes not to blame the investigators about possible destruction of his life, etc. In most such cases the object just needs a convenient reason to stop private/business relationships with the client. Client must clearly understand it.

5. Any case requires certain time for preparation, checking the data and the reliability of client (usually it takes 3-5 days depending on the complexity of your case). So, if you intend to hire us, then please, make your decision, provide us with the exact data and fulfill your payment in good time.
If the client demands urgent fulfillment of the work in the term that is less than we can afford (minimum duration is 3 days) or the client does not want to wait 48hours after placing of his order through our site, then we can decline the case and refund the necessary fee to the client without any considerations.

5.0. All incoming requests will be declined if:
- the client contacts us because of curiosity only or
- the client refuses to provide his direct contact details and his name or
- the client refuses to provide his case details for our initial consideration.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding about the prices, we do not make any "general estimations".
Standard rates can be found at the Order section of our site.
In order to estimate properly the opportunity, the time and the exact cost of the client's case we usually need some basic information
on the investigation object which the client has gathered by now.
Usually the client should prepare and send us such data (if applicable):

- the object's full name,
- DOB or age,
- home address,
- appearance: weight, height, eyes, hairs,
- photos,
- the person's work place,
- if the person drives a car or goes on foot,
- the date when you wish to start.
Also it's desirably to have got such additional information:
- the person's known phones #,
- Email address.
- All other details, which you think can be helpful for us.

Then the client's case will be considered in details, the client will be informed with the time and the exact cost in 24h term.

5.1. Total duration most of our services are within 3-7 days. In contrast to our competitors we work really quickly without any intermediates. Only seldom in some case we can involve other assistants. The duration can be increased up to 10 - 12 days.

5.2. After we have calculated the work duration and the total cost, we send the invoice to the client.  The invoice is valid during 3 days. Then the invoice data can be changed: estimation, exchange rate and the  work duration can be re-calculated. So, please, always inform us that you have really received the invoice and when your payment is fulfilled. 

5.3. As a rule we do not allow to change terms of the agreement (duration, items of investigation, the targets of investigation, etc), that had been agreed before your payment. Because the changes always influence on and change the total budget, our strategy, approach to the target, etc. Besides we do not welcome any other additions, inserts, changes which can be done by our client during the investigation. That is why, please, consider thoroughly about what you would like to get as the result of investigation and how much money you are ready to spend on the investigation. 

5.4. If during the detailed main investigation the object will be detected as a scammer and the proofs are gathered, then the payment is not returned to the client. It does not matter if the obtained information is disappointing or pleasant for our client.

5.5. If the client has confirmed his consent to start the work, then our company starts the necessary preparations and having certain expenses as result.
The client must make the full payment in 3 days term after his consent. If during this period the client wishes to stop investigative actions for any reasons,
then he must notify us about the interrupting and settle the account with us: pay the fee 30% of the total  agreed amount.
However if the client does not pay the fee or even disappears at all, our company reserves the right to ourselves to stop observance of this Terms and Conditions.
It may influence serious negative consequences for your further developing of this case and all other investigations in the future. Besides we will have to take measures to return this debt by any of legal ways, including to file a claim with a court and authorities.
If the client has received the required report, but did not pay, then it is considered as a direct Internet fraud with all further consequences.  Please, pay special attention to this item.


6.0. Each investigation requires certain workload and the minimum budget. Note, at the moment we do not take for consideration cases with the total cost less 200EUR. More exact current limitation can be found in our "PREPAID SERVICE AGREEMENT".

6.1. As a rule we do not take cases of search of people, who have been  missing (unaccounted-for) for more than 3 months or the connection was lost more than 3 years ago.

6.2. Usually we do not take cases, that are connected with adopted children: search of their biological parents, their real identity, etc. This is a private information that is protected by the local law.

6.3. We do not take cases, which are connected with search of stolen cars.

6.4. We do not put bugs on phone, we do not trade in detailed elaboration of the account of subscribers of cellular communication.

6.5. We do not crack E-mail boxes. This is prohibited by the local law.

6.7. We are not engaged in opening of apartments, or penetration into a private territory.

6.8. We do not make any blackmail. We do not knock out of duties (wring out debts).

6.9. We do not fulfill any investigative actions if a criminal case has already opened and authority has been doing own investigation. To interfere in their investigation is prohibited by law.

6.10 We do not do criminal prosecution of scammers/criminals/cheaters. We do not catch them physically and do not deliver them to jail/court. Most of modern serious scammers work conjointly or consisting of or under protection of international criminals group with rather developed structure. We do not fulfill investigations inside the criminal groups and do not analyze their structure: we do not investigate functions of the group's members, their exact addresses, shares in the business, we do not press/compel scammers/criminals to return the stolen money.
All these actions relate to jurisdiction of police and court. After the client's application the police gather proofs of the crime for the court. Then only the court has legal rights to accuse/justify a person of doing the crime. According to the local legislation private investigators are permitted to gather different information for the client, which allows to avoid any crime. If the fraud has already happened, then private investigators are permitted to assist the client with gathering any possible information, that will be necessary in further legal steps/stages. So, our client must clearly understand and accept it.

6.11 We do not help our clients to place advertisements in the local papers, if such sort of advertisements declare or publicly inform  about negative behavior, offences of the investigation object's, etc. Because of the same reason we do not agree to contact the third parties with the aim to discredit somebody.

7. We do not enter the client in error concerning prospects of the client's affair and we do not forge the results of the investigation.

8. We do not work without the prepayment of expenses (under the scheme "payment only for result").

9. We do not work with clients which purposes are not clear to us or cause doubts. We do not work with clients who do not leave coordinates for a feedback.
Clients from some countries can be an object of the verification procedure. We may require for additional check of your client identity like a scanned passport copy.

Remember! Before to take concrete business each our potential client passes preliminary check by us concerning safety of his intentions. We reserve the right for us not to answer and not to take business of the client without any explanatory.

10. We do not finish and do not alter the work started by other detective firms and private detectives. If it will be found out during the investigation, that the client already employed others investigators without notification to us, we reserve the right to stop or significantly detruncate the investigation because of security reasons.

11. Due to privacy and confidentiality reasons usually we do not discuss any details of clients' cases by phone lines.
Please, use our safe-online form in the site, E-mail channels, or welcome to our office.
For our internal usage we use the central phone, which is indicated at the contact page. This phone can be used in urgent situations at the working hours.

12. All possible reclamations are accepted by us in the term under 15 days since the receiving the report by the client.


Last editing was on 08-th of March 2017.

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