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Dear Anton, Excellent report. It seems the object has no FB account? We will gather first now more info about the other person as we only dispose of a first name and a phone number of 2012. An extra question besides Facebook. Is there a reason why the object uses ... as last name on his ... ? Does it have a specific meaning in Russia? Best regards,



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Our clients are various people and organizations from various countries. During last several years of work we were addressed by more than 3000 people and companies. We have really helped considerable part of them by now.
Very often they are men, who had a correspondence by E-mail with a lady and then he wants to check , if his woman is exist in reality. A real example: you are going to visit your lady in Russia. But you only corresponded with she by E-mail. What about if she is not a real person ? Or he wishes to find out (in a legal way) if she has another relationships or does scam against other gentlemen.
Many of our clients are a serious companies, which  wish to have a business in Ukraine, and they checked trustworthiness of their potential/existing partners or employees.
Many people addressed us in order to get any reference concerning solution of private questions in Ukraine and Russia.

So, in general our typical customers are:
- Men, which are interesting to find out the details (available) of his woman's background.
- Women, which want to rescue own families because of her man's possible cheating. 
- People, which have lost the connection with relatives, friends, lovers.
- Organization, which would like to find out the general review of the local market, trustworthily of their partners, to receive the economic (available) information about their competitors, partners, etc.
- People, which adopted a child, but they would like to know the past life of this child.
- People, which want to get specific closed records about other people.
- People, who are going to visit Ukraine and would like to get maps, hotels, other necessary information.
- People, which need legal advices concerning Ukrainian and Russian law.  

Below there are some of testimonials from our customers. In general we have got many good recommendations from them for  last several years of our work. If you would like to ask them directly, we can provide you by their contact details (only by their personal permission of course). Often people don't like to allow us to discover their names. As you understand the reason is a secrecy of our work.


Some testimonials.

Dear Svetlana,
Thank you you did a great job. Latest on Friday I will ... as a bonus as promised.
In case needed can we do random checks at special days?
Kind regards


                                                                  * * *

Dear Svetlana, thanks to all the team for your honest and professional work.
MAYBE in spring 2019 I'll come to Moscow as a tourist. In this case
I would like, if possible, to come and greet you personally.
Should I come, I shall tell it to you in advance.


                                                                  * * *

Thank you very much for your report.
I receive it and it is very clear.
Your job is finished.
Thank you.


                                                                  * * *

Thank you Denis,
Yes, I just say the report that you sent to my other email. It saddens me
but I am not surprised.
I have the report and wish to discuss it with you on the 20th if I could do so?
This is very good information and you guys worked very fast.

I was absolutely amazed at the power and connections of your team and your
fast response! I would recommend Russian detectives to anyone considering
investigative or due diligence work or fraud-related investigations in Russia!

The strength and professionalism of the team is unmatched and I've never had
such a positive response from an investigative team in all my years of business!

Again, given the strength of this team, I would put them up against any competitor
in the marketplace for response, professionalism, sensitivity to relationship issues
and confidentiality!

My kind regards to you and your team,


                                                                  * * *


thanks again for the report. It is a very good start.

I do hope to get the data to enable me a direct contact in the next
phase, i.e. mobile, e mail,....
and as well all other data from the list we greed upon. Btw, my russian is very good
so do not hesitate to send me any docs in russian.

Sincerely yours


                                                                  * * *

Dear Denis,
I just talked with Oleg!! It is amazing!!!
Thank you very much
Best regards,


                                                                  * * *

Dear Anna;
I have received your report this morning with all attachments.
I thank you kindly for your excellent and complete work;  I,
truthfully am disappointed as I thought the letters would be
the exception to the norm but evidently not.
I sincerely appreciate your proceeding even prior to obtaining
payment from me;  I have had some difficulty in accomplishing
that but rest assured I will find the means to obtain payment
for you.  I thank you again for an excellent job.


                                                                  * * *

Thank you. We did receive the report. You did a good job and kept your promise.
Thank you for that. We will keep our promise and send you the rest.
We will send you the information by tomorrow evening.


                                                                  * * *

Anton, this is Robert, I have received, the information, thank you , you have confirmed my fears,
I would recommend your services, and may still need them in the future, until later.robert
July 03, 2017

                                                                  * * *

Hello Anton,

I have a further update on this case. She has now cleared up most of my open queries after a 3 hour phone conversation.
Please can you put the case on hold, and advise me what payment is needed for the quote, i am guessing ...?

In you reply please provide payment details for me to wire the payment across.

Many thanks for your time an handling in this matter, and if I need any further help I will contact you immediately.
I will also recommend your service should I be asked.

Best Regards,


                                                                  * * *

Dear Anton,

Excellent report. It seems the object has no FB account?

We will gather first now more info about the other person as we only
dispose of a first name and a phone number of 2012.

An extra question besides Facebook. Is there a reason why the object uses
... as last name on his ... ? Does it have a specific meaning in Russia?

Best regards, Peter.

                                                                   * * *


Thanks. Great job. I will do you a worthy write up. I show WU as available.
Please let me know that you got it. Also, let's follow up on some of the corporate diligence opportunities we briefly discussed.

Thank you so much. Your team's work has been nothing but excellent. I am
glad you finally got paid, and I think you saw in what I sent you that it
was Comerica, not WU that was holding things up. They had requested the
KYC/AML type information on you guys..., so ultimately they just had to succumb. I am not sure that was the easiest
path, but we managed in the end.

This saga has not necessarily played out fully for me. I am still curious
whether the "bait" in Ukraine is an innocent, a low-level co-conspirator,
or a mid- or high-level co-conspirator. I think my closure on this will
come when I have some sense of that. Could we for US$... or so figure this
out? I know we know where once she frequented, the ... location, but
that may be dated. Do you think we could track this person down and their
circumstances (which may be indicative of the position in the ring)?

Please let me know. This for me is about ending the story, and getting a
sense of completion, or at least a sense of having more complete knowledge
of this ring.

Regards, Jeff. USA

                                                                   * * *


I appreciate companies work and it has proceeded very professionally I
think and I especially appreciate the intuition for the ...
which proceed very well. So well she even thought was from me. Because I
consider the probability of further work in the future I just am not sure I
should say yes from me or just never mention again as she now thinks


Hoping you can come up with so ideas I await a reply.


                                                                   * * *

j'ai bien recu votre rapport sur la personne concerne, je vous demande, un
temps de reflection pour continuer ou arreter votre investigation, cette
personne doit prendre contact sur ma boite mail dans 4 semaines.
concernant se rapport il sera detruite ou conserve par mes soins, la
personne concerne ne sera jamais informe de votre enquete et surtout en
aucun cas je ne veux nuivre a votre professionnalisme et votre methode
operation .
apres la reflexion je vous recontacterai des lundi.
je vous remercie pour votre tres bon travail.
cordialement .
Mr Serge.

                                                                   * * *

Thankyou for the report, and putting my mind at rest, I can now go ahead with buying property for Maria and son.
This is good news for me, , thankyou for this service, I doubt I will need your service in the future, but if I do I will most cirtainly contact you,
I will delete all information. All the best Gerald.
USA. 06.Sep.16

                                                                   * * *

Hi Angelina, I have received the information.thank you for you work and saving me from this scam...
You have sold me and thank you very much for saving me from some messy outcome.
I hope your life is rolling along nicely and please pass my thanks to your colleges
I hope you have a week.

Regards George. New Zealand. 04 August 2016.

                                                                   * * *

Dear Sir, thank you for your recent phone call. I will not be able to proceed with the investigation at this time.
You have been most professional in regards to your dealings with my case.
As  per our conversation i will pick up the ... when you tell me it has been returned.
Again  thank you for your work thus far, I will most certainly  use you in the future and
would gladly reccomend you to other people also. sincerly John. USA. 26.Jul.16

                                                                   * * *

Hello Evgeniy,

Yes, I confirm the safe receipt of the report sent to me yesterday. Thank you very much for this.
I will come back to you with a few outstanding questions in the near future...

Yes, thank you, I think I managed to extract a lot of interesting information from the raw data you sent me on 18 July. Just to be sure that I am using
the data properly ...
Thank you again Evgeniy, you did a nice job, but this will not be necessary.
On the other hand, I would like to have the address in Mordovia. How much ?

Regards, Patrick.

                                                                   * * *

Thank you Evgeniy. The information is useful. I made the last payment. Keep in touch. Simon.

                                                                  * * *

I think you are correct. I was worried she would kill me or rob me. She
sent me a picture of a fabulous apartment in Alexandrovka we would
share. Through the background I could see tall buildings like in
Manhattan, New York City. So the apartment was not in Alexandrovka.


                                                                   * * *

Hello Evgeniy

yes i rcvd the report… thank you

Can you confirm her current residential address pls?

You done me a good service and saved my money and feelings ….. seems this is a wonderful business in Poor Ukraine right now ..

Thank you


                                                                   * * *

Dear Evgeniy,
thanks for the report. May I please ask you how much a further Investigation would be. You mentioned a discount.
Best regards, Jorgen. Germany.

                                                                   * * *

Yes I have received this report .. thank you for this work.

It appears that in the past the records were changed quite effectively -
as 1981 is not Olga's actual birth date .. it is still a mystery!

I thought the college records (Kharkov) might have the correct birth

My investigation will continue ..

Regards, Michael.

                                                                   * * *

Dear Evgeniy,
Thanks so much for the detail report. I appreciate your efforts for this and I am satisfied with the work you and your team has done.
It will really help me to take a decision about taking my relationship further with Oksana. As you suggested if required
I will contact you again to know if she has any relationship with her online male friends.Thanks again and cheers for the hard work!Regards, Gerald.

                                                                   * * *

Dear Kristina I hereby give my confirmation and receipt for your report and indeed it wasvery fast I must say.It is all value information and important for me.
I will handle theinformation with strict care and in confidential matter off cause. But I really want to know exact ... I wait your reply and I will give yousome short recommendation here.
Best regards from Hans.

                                                                   * * *

I have received the report. I should have went with my instincts on this. I am ashamed that I allowed myself to accept the lie.
I thought it was the irrational behavior that Gav them away. I may decide to lead them on a wild goose chase now. 
Thank you so much for expediting these issues. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone who is going through
similar experiences with a questionable identity and so on. 


                                                                   * * *

Dear Ivan,
Thanks for the information. She has been very persistant. I have probably twenty-five photos and she
even calls me if I do not write. It must be her or someone she knows because I have pics of her a the beach, in town, at church, etc.
Is there any way we can catch this parasite? maybe I can get her to let me send her a pic on facebook or something.
Another question, I cannot accuse her of scam because I have proof? Man, she makes me mad!

Regards, John.
                                                                   * * *

I call her but disapoinment because she saud that she is not free anymore so that is it.
You do what you promised.


                                                                  * * *

Dear Anna Thank I have received the report thank very much.  I believe this will be invaluable  in assisting me.
This email went to my spam box, so I have only just seen it, sorry.I will be in touch.
Kind regards Claudia.

                                                                  * * *

Dear Evgeniya,

Thank you for the report and for your findings. Wow, that was a big wake
up call for me! I have never had that experience before, and now it will
never happen again. I'll be more than happy to write a testimonial for you.

I can vouch 100% for the Detective-Russia Detective Agency. I needed to
find out if a person I'd been corresponding with was genuine and it turned
out that it was a scam. This surprised me as everything had seemed normal
and natural, and there were none of the usual indicators that I had come
across before. Due to one or two suspicious incidences, I thought it would
be safer to check and Detective Russia found that the person was not
genuine. I cannot thank them enough and would recommend their services to
anyone in a similar position.

I hope that is useful and thank you again for your help and service.

Kind Regards,

                                                                  * * *

Thank you very much you have shown that I was correct in thinking this was a scam!
Very good job I have piece of mind to stop talking to such person and move on!
Thank you again.
David, USA

                                                                  * * *

Hi Arseniy,

My thanks for the work that has been performed and for the report. Regrettably, it confirmed my suspicions.
I have a mind to possibly further investigate this matter. Should I decide to pursue this I will be in contact.


                                                                  * * *

yes I did receive the email. thanks for all the information .is there any negative info on her .thanks for keeping my information
confidential.but  what would be her mobile number to speak to her ?

Raja. India.
                                                                * * *

Dear Oleg, Many thanks your detectives have done a very good job for me.
I am sorry for the delay in confirming the receipt of your report.


                                                                * * *

Thank you for your help.
Is it In anyway possible to find this people? I have to concider this since they already have taken a lot money from me.


                                                                 * * *

Thank you for your email results obversely confirm what I had suspected so who are the people in the photo I was sent .
So do you think there is any hope of retrieving my money or am I just wasting my time do the police know of these scammers
and do they do anything about them many thanks Jim.

                                                                 * * *

I am confirming that I received your report. Thank you very much for your
assistance in this matter. The outcome was not what I was hoping for but is
also not completely unexpected. I would be interested in knowing what you
specifically saw in the analysis of her email that indicates to you this
person was scaming or at least misleading me. That could be helpful at some
future point in time for me. I see what this person did as much more of a
hoax than a scam. They invested just as much time in writing to me as I did
to them and sent me many photos. They asked nothing from me during this
time and even talked me out of some things that I offered/wanted to do for
them that would have cost me money. So I have trouble understanding the
purpose of this hoax/scam that went on daily for many months. Such is life
sometimes I guess. If I ever need this type of assistance again I will not
hesitate to contact your agency but I sincerely hope that I will not need
to contact you again in the future. Thank you again for your timely and
straight forward help.

                                                                 * * *

Yes I did receive. Can you tell me information on pictures provided? Like dates and times taken and who is the man in the picture provided?

                                                                 * * *

Hello Aleksandr,

I want to thank you for investigations regarding Olesya folder.
My client asked me a lot and that's why I also asked you in an emergency
during this investigation.
I understand that you have worked in an emergency and I thank you for
your response.

Thank you for your cooperation. I keep your details for future inquiries
in your country and in your area.
My website is listed on the Eastern and I have time for other applications.
I will certainly visit you if necessary.

You can also ask me if you need investigations in France, Italy,
Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Algeria and the countries of Francophone Africa.
We are very responsive to these destinations.


                                                                 * * *

Thank you for folloowing up I am well satisfied with the services provided.

                                                                 * * *


Apologies for the delay in replying. Yes, I did receive your email yesterday & I thank you sincerely for your invaluable assistance.


                                                                * * *
Ok I confirm your report.
It is ok! I accept the result.


                                                                * * *

Gleb- Hello! I have just now received your report on "Maria". Thank
you very much. I suspected this was a "romance scam", so I am not
surprised that there is no such person at that address. I was hoping
however, that your report would include information on the identity of
the woman in the pictures. I really wish to find this lady. I think
that this is an innocent person whose photos have possibly been stolen
from some other site, maybe. She is so attractive that I would like to
contact her to find if she is single or married. I would be willing to
pay for more of your services if you think that it would be possible
for you to obtain that information. Could the woman in the photos
possibly be a fashion model? An actress?
Please advise me on whether you think it would be worthwhile to
continue with the investigation. I am including another photo of
this lady.
Thank you very much!

                                                                * * *

Gleb- I would not yet be able to add a good testimonial to your
website because you did not provide me the information that you agreed
to, which was- Who is the lady in the photographs? I wish to have this information because
if the lady is single, I would like to contact her to see if she would be interested in knowing me.
I am willing to discuss paying you for further investigation, but it
was my understanding that the original investigation would produce
this information.

                                                                * * *
'I had fallen victim to a very sly scammer that was incredibly realistic and emotionally draining. Finally, not knowing what do to,
I contacted Russian-Detectives and they immediately got back in touch with me to start the work the next day. It turns out that
my supposed girl friend was a complete scam and I can not thank Russian-Detectives enough for helping me through this difficult
emotional situation. Now, any time that I meet a woman from Eastern Europe, I will use Russian-Detectives. Bottomline, ANYONE,
that is using eastern Euro internet dating is wise to use Russian-Detectives because they saved me from breaking my bank, heart,
and faith that it possible to find love. I can not say thank you enough to Russian-Detectives, your agency makes the world a safer and better place,

USA. 05.May.2011

                                                                 * * *

Dear Gleb,
Thank you very much for this report!!
I will try calling her this week-end.
I am very much satisfied from it and will not hesitate to contact you again if I need further services from you.
Wish you a good week-end.
Kind regards,

                                                               * * *

Dear Nikolay;

Please put this into the “Testimonials” of your website: : 

At first I was very skeptical about sending money for aninvestigation, because I had already been Scammed extensively
by a woman in Russia. I didn’t know if anyone in Russia had integrity. Then I read the other Testimonials, and decided to take a chance.

I must say it was well worth it, to get the closure Ineeded. I very much liked the woman

who was taking me to the cleaners but worst of all I was veryemotionally attached to her. She was all lies. This was proven to
me by, including, among other things,  her address, pictures, of her wedding, husband and baby!!

What more can I say? If someone wants to contact me for a referance, it’sOK.

If' I ever try again this way, I'll check things out first with

Thanks so much Nikolay!!


                                                                   * * *

Dear Nikolay;
I am looking for the attached photos, but somehow they were not included. Please send
them again. I want to thank you for the most excellent job that you did, and it is something I needed. It was money well spent!! I will keep your report confidential.
In the future, I'll seek you out first.
Best regards,

                                                                   * * *
Dear Sergey

Thank you very much : I've received your report; it is very accurate.



                                                                   * * *

hi ,sergey thanks for your report ,but could you tell me if you were capable to fine her in Russian of course Elena there
is only one with yhis last name in your country , i am a french man born in Paris and if i look for some one with the with page
i am guarantee to find the person only with the last name i hope it is the same in your country but i will really appreciate
if you were capable to find her after what she did to me she should go to prison ! anyways tell me if you can or not thanks
sergey iif one time i going to visit saransk i will be happy to come to say hi ,thanks again ,,,Piter. 01.12.2010. Canada.

                                                                    * * *

Hello Aleksandr
Thank you for your help, It look like she is a scam and i have lost the
money that i have sent Marina.
What do you think of her loan papers?... I Do notno if that is any help to find her.


                                                                    * * *


I am very pleased with the information and the service. I will contact you
if I want further informations. And I shall immediately destroy all mails I
receive from you.

Peter. 01.07.2010

* * *

Dear Aleksey,
Thank you for your investigation. In the future I will recomedate your service to any one who will need it.
Please provide me datails of the transfer once I will be able to pick up the rest.
Thank you,

* * *



Thank you very much. I do not need any further investigation in this matter.
This will stay confidential.

Best regards


* * *


Hello Alexey,

thank you very much for your report and the good work of your detectives!

Though I have lost "my heart and my money", but now I know at least in which
I am and can think again clearly!
I am glad that I have got in touch with your "Dedektive Agenci"!

Now I am better from the feeling!

Thank you!!!

02 October 2009 20:10:23

* * *

26 Sep 2009 22:12:57 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Alexey,

I have decided that the information you gave is sufficient enough for the truth about Mila. I appreciate the work that you have done
and if by chance I take another chance on a Russian woman, I will seek you services before becoming serious.
Thanks again!!!


Merry Christmas Nikita, and staff. (I do not know if you celebrate Christmas there)

Thank you for your help! "GOOD JOB".

This person had already ask for money, even before I had contacted you. When I declined to send money, she quit writing.

Thanks again!!!!




* * *

Dear Vladimir,
Thankyou for replying to my earlier questions.
I am happy with the work carried out. As you are very busy i do not wish to carry on this investigation
Once again thanks for everything and good luck with the work.
Natalia has sent me email today. i am very happy with the work that you carried out for me. i am still interested in knowing
if she is staying at her mothers house and if she has use of another telephone. Once again thankyou for the excellent work you have already carried out for me.
Thanks for the work you carried out for me.
I was now wondering wheather you would be able to take up the challenge of locating Julia Natalia exact whereabouts and if possible a telephone number.
I am extremely grateful for the work you have done for me so far. 
If you are willing to carry out this tasking please send me a price quote soonest so we can get started. once again thankyou and i look forward to hearing from you soon.  

* * *

Thank you for the information. It confirmed what I suspected and saved me from considerable expense both financially and emotionally.
without your verification, undoubtably I would have proceeded further and would have had disasterous results.
I appreciate your thoroughness and your efficiency. I will use you again if necessary. Although I wish the information
you gave me was incorrect, It is much better to know the truth and make wise decisions based on accurate information. Thank you again.  
You may use my statements. Any discounts for additional service? Let me know, please.

* * *

 Dear Vladimir,
                       Thank you so much for finding my friends for me. I have read the investigation report and I have now deleted it so no one can ever
know that I used your company to find my friends. When I speak to my friends I will just tell them that I found them through a Russian friend.
I will not mention your company to my friends.
        Thank you Vladimir for your investigation and professional work regarding my request. Please pass on my thanks to all your agents and employees
who have helped with my  investigation. I am now planning a Holiday to Saransk City in August. I hope I can meet with my friends and have an enjoyable holiday in Russia.
Kind regards,

* * *

Dear Sergey,

I would like to thank you and your team for all your help. It is few and
far between that people receive such good news. Please let your team know
how appreciative I am that I can now sleep with piece of mind. You are true
professionals and I thank you again.....

Many Regards,

* * *

Thank you very much for the report.  I should have known, but at least I did not send any monies to this scammer. It was only my time, and feelings that were sacrificed. 
Thanks again,


* * *

After a few weeks correspondance with my lady, I wanted to be sure of the reality of my correspondent, so I tried to send a real letter...which never arrived and came back. 
To confirm my doubts, I decided to get a confirmation. For sure, I would have hope another result, but the proofs and professionnal information you sent to me did not allow any doubt that I was faced to a scammer.
I would recommend everyone who can have some doubts on his e-mail contact to use your reliable services. I want to thank you very much for the very detailled information you transmitted to me in a short time. You help me to spare much money, time and at last but not the least, my feelings...
Thanks again,

Peter, France.

* * *

I was really hoping for better news....
I would estimate that I have spent around 5000 dollars, sending money to Her for this, and that... Over the last year. You saved Me from spending 3000 dollars More!!! Thank You for that too!
I think at least that is better than finding out, sitting at the airport waiting and having her NOT show up....

Steven. USA.

* * *


Thank you for the response, and confidentialy is assured.

As I suspected, your report was no surprise, and evidence was sufficient to prove that I was being scammed.  It became to my attention after the third letter received from this person was not answering any of my previous letter questions.  Then to be asked for money for translation of the letters, raised my concerns to look into this matter, therefore did a quick search on the internet that brought me to the russian detective agency, whom responded quickly and effectively as stated by there website. Once again, thank you and I consider this matter closed.


* * *

"Detective Russia" undertook a sensitive and highly confidential job for me
in the Volga region. Their network of experienced agents is a huge
advantage to the customer; local knowledge and local contacts make the whole
process very efficient and the data completely accurate. All factors listed
in the "instructions" were answered and the job done within the time
estimate. I live in Britain and do not speak Russian, for me there was no
option but to employ a professional agent; "Detective Russia" did not
disappoint. I recommend them to anyone.

Steven. USA.

* * *

hellow ,thank you very much for the information l am glad that l used your services to identify the person in question. l would suggest any person in contact with people using the net to be very careful,with both your money and your feelings and never rely on a persons e-mails accounts as to who they raelly are and what their intentions are cheers mark ps money well spent 


* * *


I engaged the services of “Detective-Russia” and received a solution to the matter within the week. I was very impressed with the efficiency of the service and the detail supplied. I would recommend anyone requiring help to use this agency.

Jon. USA.

* * *

Good Day Sergey
I would like to take this time to extend a sincere thanks to you and your associates @ the Detective-Russia Agency.
Your diligence to perfrom timely and to the point, are appriciated.  The disclosure of requested information was gathered discreetly without delay.
 Thanks again . . .

* * *

Hello Sergey,
I want you to know that I very much appreciate your efforts in catching this fraud.  I am also planning on reporting this to the appropriate authorities. 
Again, I thank you for you efforts.


* * *

Thank you for this information. I found it to be very
interesting and I am glad that most of the information
she gave me is fairly accurate.


* * *

Thank you ve for you report, I will make sure to publish you r information
on a special web site we have in USA about the scam womens in Russia. You
have save me a lot of money. I will make sure your name is noted in this web
site so people like me can use your services when needed.

I did not got the photos you mentioned, if possible I like to have it so I
can publish those photos also.

I'm going to follow up a complaint with the embassy.

Thank you again,

April, 5, 2006.

* * *

Thank you for outstanding job, you have saved me lots of money, my heart is broken over this but it would be worst if i had of sent the money also, I shall write testominal for you you may use the passport picture and maybe put on scammer list, so someone else will not fall for the same thing Thank again for very good job

March, 25, 2006.

* * *

Dear Elena and Sergey,
Thank you for you report, and helping me not to get scammed out of thousands of dollars.
 It is okay to post to your site, that a third person has been scammed by this person.
 I would like to assist in getting this man, organization, or team, put behind bars, so they will not try this or do this to other people.  It ruins the Internet, and takes away from the wonderful people of Russia. 
10 November 2005.

* * *

Dear Sergey,

I would like to thankyou for a very professional investigation,my final report was very detailed and included more than I expected.
I have now ceased all comunication with this woman

* * *

Dear Sergey,

Thank you for your diligent and quick research, and for making plain
that I was the victim of sophisticated attempt at identity fraud.
I am extremely grateful that I did not lose any money and that I
found your company, I am very impressed. I would gladly and strongly
recommend your company's services to anyone contemplating emotional/
financial involvement with an internet acquaintance in Russia.

* * *


Thank you very much for your prompt and professional work on my case.
The information you provided was helpful and timely.
I plan to contact you and hope to receive the same excellent level of service in the future if need arises.

Best regards,
USA, September 23rd, 2005

* * *

>to whom it may concern,
I would like very much to thank your pepole for
helping me out.The person in question has since phoned
me and left me a message, the strange thing is that
the phone number comes from Brazil.Once again that so very much for your help.I'm
able to move on now

* * *

I have received your report.  Thank you very much for looking into this matter.  I have terminated all contact with this person and am grateful for not having spent any significant time or feelings.
- Alessandro

 * * *

Thank you. I am very pleased that you've found my Evgenia. She is dear to me.
...Sergey, Thank you once again. I am pleased with your service. If I need more information in the future, I will certainly make use of your investigative services.

 * * *

Hi: Thank you for all your help. I knew in the back of my mind that it was not right. You saved me money and even more my heart from being broken. Also the imbursement of friends and family. I would recommend you to everyone. It is a sad thing that we must not trust. Thanks to people like you we can make sure before we get in to deep.

Thank You

* * *

I have been corresponding with a lady from Sevastopol I met through one of the "meet a Russian Ladies Agency" and  recently we started talking over the phone.I got suspicious about my lady's credibility when a man answered her phone one evening.  She later told me that he is a neighbor and has no emotional relationship with this man.  I was't sure what to believe but I knew that it would be best to verify her story.  This is where I used "detective-ru" services and communicated directly with Sergey about the work I wanted done.  After a week of investigative work Sergey made his report which comfirmed my ladies story and now our love affair continues.  If I again would need a good quality investigation work done, I'll definitely like to use "dectective-ru" services again.

Eddie Clark
San Francisco, USA
May 31, 2005

* * *

Dear Sergey,

I'm so glad that you have helped me put some a closure on this email relationship I was in volved with. Now I can move on. It's terrible that people have to play wth people with these scams and all. I very happy with the work you've done. It was very detailed work. I figure it was better to have this done than to show up out there and find my lady to be imaginary. I figure It was a big savings on my part to have her investigated. This lady has been writing me for over a year and I started was mecoming convinced that she was real. Thanks for clearing it up for me.

Thank you,
April 18, 2005.

* * *

Thank you for the follow up and I did read your last emails with the more complete information. I thank you for this. I don’t what else at this point you would be capable of doing, but I am open to any ideas. Nothing really tells me at this point that she has lied to me. It seems to line up with what she has told me I think.

April 4, 2005.

* * *

I must say with great appreciation that the agency I hired to perform an identity check on a supposed Russian "friend" has done quite an admirable job! They were extremely professional, thorough, and prompt in their search for information. Due to their results, I have not made the mistake of sending money to the Russian girlfriend scam, for passports, a visa, or a plane ticket, nor will I venture to journey in search of the girl that does not even exist. My sincerest thanks to a job well done, and if I have need of any future investigations, I will most definitely use your agency again!

Thank you,
March 3, 2005.

* * *

Sergey, it is with great sadness that i read the information you have provided, and it is certainly thorough! ...."Fucking bullshit!" ( As we say here!) Thankyou again, and i will be happy to recommend you to any person! Or you may send me a testimonial to fill out etc, and i will be happy to oblige.
Thank you Sergey,
Sydney Australia.
February 22, 2005.

* * *


thank you very much for looking into this situation. i think its funny that the address that shouldve been her address is a school. i havent had an email from this person for about a week now, and i doubt i ever will again. whoever this is, isnt very good at scamming. they must be new. anyway, i appreciate your help. 

November 26, 2004.

* * *

Dear Sergey,

Thank you for a very fast and efficient service You have confirmed what I knew about the lady and I was impressed with the photos too. There are still some grey areas and I feel that the investigation is not yet complete, I appreciate the advise I have received. I take note you opinion and further more, I shall use your agency again and will recommend it to any one who is interested in finding out the truth of the lady they are communicating with.

Thanks again
November 12, 2004.

* * *

Ok Sergey,

many thanks, I think more I not need to know. I see that all again was only lying and this man even drive my car till now, because this french car I was buying to have a car for me when I stay in Russia.
Excuse me, I think you understand but I hope I never will need your service again, but like before you was doing a good job.

Best Regards,
July 1, 2004.

* * *

Dear Sergey,

I would like to thank you most sincerely for the information you have furnished me with regarding this fake Russian Lady. There were one to two things in her almost daily correspondence with me which in light of your investigations now make sense and pointed to a rathert elaborate and well-conceived scam. It gives me peace of mind to know that your findings have probably saved me a considerable amount of money not to mention emotional distress.
I would quite readily recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a genuine Russian bride and needs to know that the woman is real and sincere in her objective. And I will indeed keep you in mind should I need such detective services again.

Yours gratefully,
Nick S.
May 1, 2004.

* * *

I would highly recommend your services to anyone who needs them. You were very quick in obtaining the necessary information I needed. The information was very thorough and complete. There was more than enough evidence for me to make an accurate conclusion with my case.
Thank you very much.

Warm regards,
April 11, 2004.

* * *




March 26, 2004.

* * *

I want to thank you for your help in finding out the background on a lady I have been corresponding with in Russia.  I live in the United States and although we have been writring each other for some time through an Agency, I have never met her. 
She has never asked me for any money, but I wanted to help pay for her to take english lessons.  However, I wanted to make sure that I was not just being used for my money.  I hired your agency and they did a terrific job. I already knew  answers to some of the questions I asked of you, to make sure you did a good investigation. 
You answered all my questions correctly and quickly.  You did the investigation, including 4 picutures of my ladyfriend in just 6 days.  Fortunately, for me it was a good report including talking about where she lived, her work, her personality as others saw her etc.
Thank you for a wonderful job.
Bob - USA.
March 22, 2004.

* * *

Thanks for the great detective work. You have saved me considerable embarassment from the scam artist that tried to lure me into sending money for passport and visa.

Sincerely Robert.
March 17, 2004.

* * *

Very very good work gentlemen, I must say the investment was a wise one. Had I taken such a risk its hard to tell what may have happened. I would say to anyone who has a doubt.... find out hire these gentlemen.
thats for your site, now I was wondering of all the cases you take what percentage of them are not scammers?
LOL, cause it seems there are alot of these russian internet girls. Here the ratio is about 1/4 of them are not lying at all, 1/2 post a bad pic and another 1/4 fabrications entirely.

February 7, 2004.

* * *

Dear Detective-Russia,
I received the report yesterday. Thank you!
Yes I agee with your findings. ... I also agree that motives from Russian Ukrainean women are a mixture of love and stabilty. The same can occur with people who are famous or rich. It is difficult to know always. I believe it takes 2 years for a person to fully know another. Because she had not allowed me to come to see her had presenyted obstacles to my trust. You have helped. You were honourable and helped me. I will recommend your company if ever there are friends with similar problems or if we have other needs. Spaceba'Good Luck

February 4, 2004.

* * *

Thank you for the very surprising information you provided in your report. Not only were your services very prompt and efficient, but also personal and supportive. Besides your detailed infromation you took your time to help me analyze the provided information and put it in perspective for me. You have opened my eyes and helped me to avoid a big mistake. Thank you.

January 5, 2004.

* * *

Hi Sergey,

more and more, I am in shock about this woman and how it was possible for her to play such a dirty game with me. She had all possibilities a young woman can have. I was opening all the world for her and I let her see all this possibilities. In this 3 years I gave her more than 100 000,- $ and many other things too like jewels and the best clothes from the best designers. But she prefered to merry this ...,  She prefered to merry a man, who even send her to other men as a prostitude. And she was playing all the time the virgin girl.
That's life, I think nobody can understand such. I you can find out with time more, please inform me. 

Best Regards and merry christmas for you,

December 19, 2003.

* * *

To be true, I was very hoping, not to get such a report, but after all I can only be glad to know the whole truth already now like too late. Many thanks for your work and if I ever meet again a woman from Russia, first of all I will ask you.
The next days a friend of mine will write you too and ask your help.

Best regards,

December 3, 2003.

* * *

Many thanks for your work, now I understand many things and maybe you can imagine, this Fedorov Anton was meeting me even at the airport and saying, he is the boyfriend of her best girlfriend Svetlana. That's life. Only one more question, please send me ...,, because I will take a lawer to get back this money.

November 28, 2003.

* * *

Thank you for the results of the investigation. I think your agency has done an excellent job investigating Vera's background. I now know why she has been insisting to have our meeting outside of Sumy. Your investigation has help me put the puzzles together for me. I wish I had done the investigation a long time ago! As I have been communicating with her via mails and phones over a year, which cost me a lot of money (flowers, gifts, etc.).
You can use it as reference, but please do not post my name, or any other identifying information.

Thanks & regards.
July 23, 2003.

* * *

Thank you for your complete and timely report. Like your other customers, I was worried what results I would receive. But it gives me great peace to have the additional information you have provided. You understood my problem very well, and I was very satisfied with your results. Please feel free to use my letter as a recommendation. I would appreciate it if you would not use my name.

Best Regards,
M., USA.
July 14, 2003.

* * *

I was very apprehensive about looking for investigative services from an internet company in
another country. But, I really needed to find someone and I decided to risk it, fully prepared to lose the money and not see any results. 
However, all my fears were laid to rest. The company is very professional, I always received
courteous and prompt responses. As they had promised, they found the person I was seeking within a very reasonable time-frame and it cost me precisely the amount agreed on in the beginning. I am very happy with their work and would most definitely recommend their services.

June 10, 2003.

* * *

Any time one deals with private investigators, by virtue of the nature of the work (requesting services), always makes one feel more apprehensive than simply purchasing an item (ordering a book for example), especially when those services you request are often rather vague and sought for in a different country via Internet. Testimonials supposably written from satisfied clients are even looked on with suspicion. Well anyway, that was my mindset when I approached ‘’ for the difficult task to locate a friend whom I had met two years prior. Her email address was no longer current and her mailing address was via a postal box. I had a response within 24 hours on any correspondence I sent regarding progress on the case. In one week they return a one-page report that clarified everything – more than I would have hoped for. A professional company. 

June 8, 2003.

* * *


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