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Thank you for the response, and confidentialy is assured.

As I suspected, your report was no surprise, and evidence was sufficient to prove that I was being scammed. It became to my attention after the third letter received from this person was not answering any of my previous letter questions.  Then to be asked for money for translation of the letters, raised my concerns to look into this matter, therefore did a quick search on the internet that brought me to the russian detective agency, whom responded quickly and effectively as stated by there website. Once again, thank you and I consider this matter closed.



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In order to get detailed information on the person you are looking for, please, order one of our services right now:

You will receive the result either already right now or maximum in several days.

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How to avoid being scammed?

 Everybody knows that the scam is cheating, dishonest action. But nobody can insure himself against this things absolutely. Scam becomes usual thing in virtual relations, especially in dating with women from the former USSR, and in business relations. 
 Usual example: a man, visited dating agencies, starts e-mail correspondence with a lady attracted by her beauty, intelligence and feminine features. Further there is a widespread scenario: she writing a long and lovely letters to you; suddenly a financial problem appears (illness of her relative, need money for study, high price of  visa or tickets), and she asked for help; you send money to her ($500, $1000, $2000 - depends on your credulity); then she stops relations and disappears with money. 

 How to protect yourself from scammers? Our agency helps people  to  resist scam. We faces constantly with the scam in Internet acquaintances, with fraud in dating, marriage, economic fields. And we have wide experience how to detect scam and prevent it.

We often receive the messages from our clients like this:
"I checked my woman on my own on-line through scam-sites. Can I trust the results ?"
In our work we do not relay on any doubtful or unreliable lists/data bases of "known scammers".
Often women are entered in those lists absolutely wrongly. The general reasons are:
   - offended gentlemen, who got the lady's rejection. The result can be opposite: a decent woman is blamed as a scammer.
   - scam sites, who need more and more listed women in their data bases. This is a astonishing thing, however according to the amount of existing scam-sites and the amount of "members" in their bases it seems that whole Internet spends all time on doing scam.
   - namesake with common used name (persons bearing the same surname as the lady).
   - and even simple errors.

According to our experience before to blame somebody for scam or to justify it's necessary to fulfill the real independent investigation rather than to relay on unreliable sources.

To order identity/scam check on your girl

As an alternative you can try to find any info about your woman in opened scam bases. But please, remember that unfortunately the reliability and trustworthily of such bases are too low.

The list of known scammers (908 records)

Concerning scam from dating agencies and from individual scammers and thieves, then we have own big base of women-scammers (mail order brides), which were found by us during investigations as women with bad reputation. We can make your inquiry and if the woman or the agency is a scammer for certain, then we will give a notice to you. If we have no the exact data, that they are scammers for sure, then we will realize our investigation for you and find out the truth. Contact us.

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